my ladies

While reflecting on the past year, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible adventures I’ve had with my second shooters.  These women possess an immeasurable amount of talent, grace, and courage that they share in abundance.  I am so inspired and blessed by their friendship.  Tifani, Joanna and Judi please know how much I appreciate and cherish the time you’ve spent with me.  Our travels together, documenting these beautiful events, will forever be some of my favorite memories.  I cannot wait to see where this year’s roads will lead us.  I love you.


Tifani TrueLove



Joanna Fisher



Judi Stuffick

tara & chris

I wish there was a way to describe the energy of this day.  Trust me, there isn’t.  All I can say is there were multiple times throughout the night when I looked over at my dear second shooter, Tifani Truelove, to see that she was smiling and crying as much as I was.  There was just so much joy for this lovely couple.  It was one hell of a celebration.

Also, the venue is incredible.  check out the Stotesbury Mansion.

4th anniversary

This is a love letter to my studio on our 4th anniversary.  I am so grateful for the time I spend here: working in an inspiring space, enjoying neighbors who have become friends, meeting incredible people at the happiest times in their lives, and cultivating/fine tuning my style.  This physical space has become an extension of my work.  These walls are covered with my favorite images.  I’m surrounded by photographs of moments that I thoroughly enjoyed living and documenting.  I am so proud/lucky/pleased to be here.


This is also my celebration of the life of my landlord, Elizabeth Harrison.  I’m so honored to have had her as an example of how to be a passionate and steadfast business lady.

megan & jeff

this may just be the raddest wedding I’ve ever attended.  I met some amazing people and there were so many killer moments to love: megan & jeff performed a song (along with their band the wild hymns) instead of a first dance, they were down with my smoke bomb idea, there were alters and day of the dead decor, and records were played.  still, one of my favorite things was the reading at the beginning of their ceremony which focused on being present:

“welcome friends and loved ones!  friends, we are gathered here today to share in the celebration of the marriage of these two beautiful spirits and to celebrate their love… in order to prepare ourselves for this experience, let’s take a moment to bring ourselves fully into this moment.  now close your eyes and notice the feeling of being in this room, right here, right now.  feel your feet on the floor.  feel the body meeting the seat.  become aware of the other people in the room and our shared experience of love for these people and excitement as they prepare to set out on this path of strengthening their journey together.  breathe deeply into this and, focus on the sensation of love in your heart”.

then everyone in the room held hands and I was overwhelmed.

many thanks to my second shooter, Tifani Truelove for sharing your talent and this beautiful experience.

venue: Agricultural and Industrial Museum of York, PA.

a holiday tradition

going to Exley’s Christmas Tree Farm for a portrait session with this wonderful family is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions.  I always have a great time with them and it puts me in the spirit.  I hope it does the same for you.

m o r e   f u n   s t u f f