Steph & Brian’s engagement

This was such a good time.  One of those days when I’m reminded how much I love what I do.  Walking through the woods with this awesome couple and sitting by the Wissahickon was the best way to spend time.  Great company and lovely landscapes provide so much happiness.  Thanks for the adventure Steph and Brian.


alyssa & jason’s engagement

Alyssa & Jason returned to Lambertville for their engagement session, where Jason proposed on the bank of the Delaware River.  They had a lovely little picnic and toasted to the day.  Then we walked across the bridge to New Hope and wandered around.  It was a lovely evening of golden light with this sweet couple.  Can’t wait for their wedding in a few short weeks!

side note: the next time you’re in New Hope stop by Farley’s Bookshop.  Alyssa mentioned that she loved it so I stopped in and now I do too.

tifani & joe

“grab my ass” tifani says to joe.

the following is a story about honest love.  get into it.


tifani and joe hold their own unique space in my heart.  every year on her birthday they create portraits together.  this year she asked me to shoot them and I was floored and honored by the request, as they are both ridiculously talented artists in their own right.  we headed to higbee beach in cape may on an extremely windy day.  the rest was pure magic.


thank you for allowing me to document your incredible bond.  I love you.



aileen & joe’s proposal

Joe contacted me a little while back about shooting his proposal to Aileen and it killed me to wait for the day to come.  He put so much thought into how it would happen, including a ring box with a video camera inside.  Joe and I even scouted the art museum the day before so everything would go smoothly.  The proposal was such a beautiful moment and the entire rest of the day followed suit.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now: Aileen is the sweetest person.  It was so fantastic to witness this day unfold for her.  There was nothing but genuine bliss and I was honored to photograph it all. It was my favorite kind of shoot: no one was concerned with my whereabouts and every moment is of their own doing. Letting yourself get lost in it is what it’s all about.

Cheers to the happy couple! Thank you for allowing me to play a small role. It was such a pleasure. I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding.


dia’s surprise party

It was wonderful to see Dia react to her surprise 30th birthday party.  Her husband Brian did a hell of a job putting this shindig together.  They’re both dear friends of mine and I was so happy to celebrate with them in Boston.  It was a grand evening to start off, what I’m sure will be, an incredible year for this lovely lady.

m o r e   f u n   s t u f f