carly & mike

I adore these two and have been excited about their wedding for awhile now. Carly was such a classic beauty. Their whole day was incredible and a true reflection of their personalities.

Many thanks to my talented second shooter Tifani TrueLove

land of enchantment

My bags were packed with my Oma’s notes from our first trip, sequins and film.  It had been 15yrs since I had been in New Mexico and it was time to return.  I was in the midst of a shake-up, feeling constant vibrations, stir crazy.  I knew the drive out west would help shed it all and shine some light.  I found what I was looking for.

With Tifani Truelove by my side, we walked into the unknown without a map.  Completely aware that something was waiting for us in the desert.  We found endless love, unfathomable bravery, and a chaos that shook us to our core.  We laughed like crazy, really, like crazy people who have lost their minds… and somehow we came out more grounded, together.  There’s just something about that land, the way the sun shines and sets, the silence in the middle of nowhere and the locals who are happy to share their stories.  It’s something that doesn’t leave you, ever.  Part of me will always belong there and I’ll think about these places until I see them again next year.

go get lost.

truelove, you are everything.  all my love, valentine.

michelle & joe

These two are pretty cute.  I’ve adored them since their engagement session.  Their wedding was pretty adorable too and there were lots of subtle disney references.  They wrote their names on each others’ shoes during the ceremony.  The ring box read “you & me, we’re in a club now”.  That robin hood cake topper is quickly becoming my favorite.

Many thanks to my talented second shooter Joanna Fisher and to Brandywine View Antiques for your hospitality.

daneen & andrew’s engagement

This was an incredibly fun day in Philly.  I would sign up to do it over and over again.  These two are just so into each other.  They’re happy to just cuddle up, whisper secrets, and make out.  My ideal shoot.  Thank you Daneen & Andrew for the laughs and adventure.

judi & james

Judi is one of my second shooters and a dear friend.  She is the warmest, sweetest, most giving person I know and deserves all of the happiness that this day brought.  It was surreal to see her in a wedding dress and heartwarming to see her so blissfully happy.  Needless to say, I was teary eyed the majority of the time.  It was a humbling experience to document their wedding day. The celebration was beyond beautiful and these two certainly laid the foundation with the incredible love they share

Many thanks to my talented second shooter Tifani Ennis.

m o r e   f u n   s t u f f